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Artist Trip to Alibaug & Mumbai


DSCF4320Last September the Kanoria Centre for Arts organised an artists trip to Alibaug & Mumbai. 14 of the Kanoria Artists including 3 staff members took the journey to Mumbai by train, followed by a short taxi ride to the Gateway of India where we boarded a ferry to Alibaug. Lt. Colonel Sanjay Thakur from JSW Dolvi met us at the Jetty and we were taken on a 1 hour car journey to the JSW Factory where we were given excellent accommodation at the Guest House located within the Factory itself.

On our first day at JSW Dolvi we were taken on a tour of the factory but not without being clothed from head to toe in protective gear that included a jacket, hard hat, glasses, mask and gloves. We were also shown an introductory video about JSW that educated us on not only the commercial side of the business but also the humanitarian side where we were given a wonderful insight into the excellent work being done by the JSW Foundation.


Before we were taken to see the factory we were first brought to a beautiful and serene Hanuman Temple that was located within the factory compound. It was the perfect beginning to our journey.

At JSW Dolvi we were shown various sections of the factory and were introduced to knowledgable heads of departments who educated us on the many stages of steel production. It was a fascinating experience for all of us.

Whilst moving around the factory we were surprised to see each building surrounded by thick greenery, exotic plants and beautiful art installations!DSCF4342


IMG_2640On our second day we were taken on a tour of Alibaug that included visiting white sandy beaches, a Fort that was located in the middle of sea, a tour of Bijoy Jain’s Studio, lunch at Radisson Blu and a visit to a local market place. The next morning the artists spread out within the factory to find their perfect spot for a session of sketching.

Upon reaching Mumbai that afternoon we visited Sangita Jindal at Jindal Mansion to talk about our trip and thank her for such an excellent time!  We then headed towards Colaba and spent our last few hours shopping, eating and visiting art galleries and museums.

We take this opportunity to thank Urmila Kanoria, KCA Chairperson who organised and funded the entire trip and we look forward to many other artist trips in the near future.



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