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Linocut Workshop 2016

All through September, KCA conducted a Linocut Workshop for ages 15 and above in the Printmaking Studio. The workshop was conducted by Yogesh Ramkrishna, an artist from Maharasthra who is currently on the KCA Artist Residency Programme.

Linocut is a relief print carved into linoleum rather than wood. It is composed of burlap coated with linoxyn, polymerised oil mixed with ground cork and pigments. It is a great medium for those who enjoy producing less exacting and more fun/casual work – the end result appearing like a block or poster. 

The workshop was held each Friday and Saturday and generated much interest. Here are a few photos from the workshop:

img_20161003_183746393 img_20161003_183733763 img_20161003_183727314 img_9072

img_20161004_185017392 img_20161004_185117885_hdr img_20161004_185135421_hdr img_20161004_192725705 img_20161005_202057268_hdr


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